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Following is a list of the types of consulting services West Four IP provides:

Business Strategy

  • Address critical, near-term IP gaps
  • Documented, actionable plan aligned with long-term business goals
  • Presentations to decision makers to ensure common understanding
  • Periodic refresh
  • Map client’s IP position in a market-based “value chain” analysis
  • Identify strengths and gaps relative to business goals and the competitive landscape
  • Trade secret audit
  • Benchmark client’s patent practices and workflow
  • Tailored to answer your most critical business questions
  • Customized taxonomy to easily generate meaningful views of the landscape
  • Written report distills down the lists, categories and graphs into key observations and trends you need to know
  • Identify main participants and their IP strengths / weaknesses
  • Identify freedom-to-operate risks
  • Set up periodic “patent alert” search
  • Targeted patent searches on new products
  • Invalidity searches on problematic patents
  • Watch pending applications
  • Identify partners
  • IP due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Prepare informational/marketing decks
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Patent basics
  • Patent searching
  • Best practices

Portfolio Strategy

  • Lead ideation sessions
  • Conduct patentability searches and white-space analyses
  • Establish robust invention review process: file patent, trade secret, public disclosure
  • Attorney-ready disclosure drafting
  • Scout for opportunities
  • Due diligence and negotiation support
  • Re-assess patents when maintenance fees or annuities are due
  • Rational foreign filing recommendations

Value Extraction

  • Patent mining
  • Identify target licensees/buyers
  • Claim charting / evidence-of-use decks
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence and assertion risk assessment
  • Negotiate sales/license agreement
  • Identify patents competitors may need (deter litigation)
  • Identify patents your suppliers or customers may need (deter unfair pricing)
  • For investors
  • Sale of company

Contract Consulting Services

  • For companies that don’t have in-house litigation capability, West Four manages the company’s IP litigation on a day-to-day basis including hiring and managing outside counsel, coordinating discovery, internal reporting, etc.
  • West Four serves as IP Coordinator acting as a liaison between the client’s R&D team and its internal or external patent attorneys including coordinating invention disclosures, reviewing and facilitating review of draft patent applications, and coordinating patent strategy meetings between R&D, legal, business, marketing, etc. teams.
  • Working with clients’ in-house or outside counsel for companies who don’t have patent and technology transactional expertise on staff, West Four consultants are embedded on the client’s team and provide these services in a consulting model.